New Ultralight/Microlight Trikes for Sale

AirBorne Australia Autorized Dealer

A & M Airsports is an authorized Sales Representative for AirBorne Australia. This world renowned manufacturer is known for their uncompromising quality and performance. AirBorne offers a wide range of aircraft to fit almost any budget. There are several configurations and options available.

A & M Airsports now offers new Evolution Trikes for sale and new Air Creation Wings, Pixel trikes and ELSA trikes. Contact A&M Airsports for a quote.

Airborne Trike Lineup

AirBorne XT-912 Tourer

XT-912 Tourer

Rotax 912 Four Stroke 80HP
Step into the XT-912 Tourer and you will see why its the best selling four stroke microlight in the world. The handling of Airborne wings is renowned throughout the microlight industry and your choice of either the Streak-3 or Cruze wing will not disappoint.

AirBorne XT-912 Tourer Brochure

AirBorne XT-912 Tundra

XT-912 Tundra

Rotax 912 Four Stroke 80HP
The XT-912 Tundra is the ultimate cross country microlight that can give you the best of all worlds, low or high speeds and an amazing array of landing options. The XT-912 Tundra is a workhorse suitable for stock mustering, inspecting fences and waterholes and a model favoured by many farmers.

AirBorne XT-912 Tundra Brochure

AirBorne XT-912 Outback

XT-912 Outback

Rotax 912 Four Stroke 80HP
The ultimate go anywhere trike. Standard kit includes tundra wheels, 70 litre fuel tank and GX instruments. The XT Outback makes for a great work horse, remote aerial photography, mustering, banner towing from beaches (where allowed).

AirBorne XT-912 Outback Brochure

AirBorne XT-582 Tourer

XT-582 Tourer

Rotax 582 DC Two Stroke 65HP
The XT-582 Tourer retains the engineered features of the top of the range XT-912 Tourer but at a more affordable cost. The difference is in the engine. The XT-582 Tourer is complete with the Rotax 582 65HP dual ignition dual carburettor (DCDI) two stoke engine.

AirBorne XT-582 Tourer Brochure

AirBorne XT-582 Outback

XT-582 Outback

Rotax 582 DC Two Stroke 65HP
If you are looking for a rugged microlight that can handle extra rough or sandy terrain then take a look at the XT-582 Outback. The instrument binnacle makes for easy access for the pilot. The XT-582 Outback is available with 2 wings (slow to fast) the Merlin and the Cruze.

AirBorne XT-582 Outback Brochure