Hangar Rental and Trailer Usage at Cushing Field

There are 2 types of hangars at A&M Airsports Ltd. at Cushing Field Airport, heated and unheated. The heated hangar has a concrete floor and a washroom. The unheated have gravel floors. All hangars are lockable, bird-proof and light-proof. They are all community hangars holding 6 to 14 trikes.

Hangar rent is to be paid in the first week of each rental period (in person or by mail). It should be paid by cash or check. If paid by credit card, there is a 6% upcharge (in person or called in) to cover processing.

Your hangar rent covers the storage of your trike, one spare wing, and your storage locker(no bigger than a home style refrigerator please). There is no insurance coverage of any kind provided on your trike or other possessions while in storage. For insurance, contact Bob Mackey at Falcon Insurance.

Heated Hangar:

Unheated hangars:

Trailer Usage

Single trailer for hauling aircraft, trikes and wings can be “borrowed” for set periods of time.

Please call Mike Hudetz at 630-664-1892 or email us for details.